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Welcome to Workware Systems. We work in the field of large-scale data management and real time data analytics of unstructured and structured data (aka Big Data). Our team includes experts in law enforcement and national security intelligence analysis, military and police special operations, cyber warfare, business process management, operations research, software platform technologies, and the development of agile solutions for every day workflow challenges. We are dedicated to excellence in our domain space, and we seek to build cost-effective, highly credible solutions for public and private organizations.

We are a privately held company established in 2009. We are located near beautiful Seattle, Washington and Belfast, Northern Ireland along with operations in Washington D.C., Indianapolis and Singapore. Our passion is building great analytic software solutions for workflow and Adaptive Case Management (ACM) challenges at public and private organizations.

Our advanced technology platform, WorkwareOne™, allows us to develop data management and workflow applications in half the time, at half the cost, and with the highest level of technical and operational excellence. If you have deep experience in our knowledge domains or in our technologies, please think about joining our team in the U.S. Pacific Northwest or Belfast, UK.

Workware Systems Inc.

U.S. Mailing Address:
815 1st Avenue #375
Seattle, WA 98104

U.S. Engineering Offices:
135 Park Avenue
Renton, WA 98057

Tel: (888) 291 9015
Intl: +1 (206) 905 4628

Workware Systems Ltd.
Forsyth House
Cromac Square
Belfast  BT2 8LA
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 028 9568 0054

Workware Systems, Indiana
(Cyber & Defense Group)
133 W. Market Street #272
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: (317) 664 0372


US DUNS No. 964487610
UK DUNS No. 218369790
CCR CAGE Code 64T71
U.K. Reg. NI612471