At the heart of every organization are processes, knowledge, and information—its lifeblood. We are Data Scientists and developers who specialize in developing OEM platforms and complete applications for system integrators and end users.  We power a range of solutions using a variety of business models to fit specific commercial situations.  We are a partner-driven company with a high standard of engineering excellence and support. Although we deal with powerful Abstractions, we build useful Tools.

We construct incremental analytic collaborative workflow solutions (known as Adaptive Case Management or ACM), around unstructured and structured data; typically, solutions for emergent and dynamic processes with very large data sets (aka Big Data) so that our customers’ team members may be more efficient and effective in their working lives.

We enable informed decision making, especially in a mobile environment. We develop advanced spatial analysis solutions which improve real-time situational awareness for first responders, including mobile tablet applications that analyze the geographical linkages of relationships among people, groups events and organizations of interest to criminal justice agencies.

We make complex information scenarios simple to use, and we extract small but valuable information from very large data sets. We provide tools that identify and extract relationships hidden in large, complex, datasets and suggest operational response alternatives; e.g. crime theories and geographic information systems, media analysis, incident management and collaborative response, and advanced persistent threat defense.

We build intelligent automated solutions that can predict and deter potential criminal activity by correlating anomalies and patterns of behavior from a variety of datasets including: crime reporting databases, real-time video and audio surveillance, real-time geospatial data, and social media.

We do this by utilizing an agile based approach to analytics, collaboration and workflow application management rather than a rigid, “soup-to-nuts” solution. Our customers and our deployment partners’ customers no longer need to be held to one business process management / workflow application management architecture and process. They can tap into all available resources: both human and information systems-based.

The general problems we seek to solve are collaboration and workflow application management challenges that develop and evolve as users’ knowledge and experience evolve. We build highly organic systems that can be quickly deployed…
typically, in 72 hours or less.

Our technology also excels in areas where we can sift data for information of interest and then manage the workflow initiation, action assignment, and follow up. There are a broad range of applications for this type of approach: large commercial enterprises, mobile workplaces, government and national security applications, and police and emergency services. Analyzing data, in real-time and offline, looking for “incidents”, and managing the actions associated with these incidents are our passion.

Our technology addresses:

    • Data acquisition capability from a variety of data sources
    • Filtering, parsing, remapping, and storing collected data (80% of the Big Data challenge)
    • Intelligent, automated analysis (the other 80%!)
    • Building indexes and tags on data
    • Geospatial and link analysis
    • Presenting data as an actionable and addressable store for continued analysis and very fast retrieval
    • Deriving incidents and issues from the data
    • Managing collaboration and workflow on the incidents
    • Mobile enabling of all processes and actions