Agile Methods + Agile Platform = Agile Solutions

WorkwareOne Platform Core & POLE Store

WorkwareOne is designed to host suites of integrated applications for skilled knowledge workers and analysts. This class of application goes well beyond simple data forms plus workflow capabilities.  High degree of flexibility is required, for example, in selecting and sequencing actions as information and insight arrive in an ad hoc fashion.

The WorkwareOne Platform Core is a secure repository of trusted information supporting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advanced analytics. Applications developed using WorkwareOne‘s application layer are tailored and built using Lean Agile, Incremental Methods.

    • Designed for clustered commodity computing hardware — ideal for cloud deployment
    • Incrementally scalable processing and storage — configurable for multiple data center deployment
    • Stores any digital artifact — all files are objects
    • Support for very complex data models including collections, nested objects, files as object fields, cross-object references (e.g. social media, ANPR, large-scale text)
    • Full POLE (people, objects, locations, and events) model linking and geo-spatial analysis is pervasive across the data store
    • Data and processing are fully integrated to form an intelligent “back end”
    • Object, collection, and workflow definitions can be changed on a production system without disruption
    • Object, unstructured, geospatial, link, event, and other indexes are automatically maintained and new index types can be easily added
    • Fine grained access controls based on roles, scopes, and individual users
    • Full Service Oriented Architecture support

Case Management and Mobile Investigation Solutions

Store, manage and search all case documents from mobile tablets and fixed workstations. Dynamically manage all investigation processes anywhere.  Criminal complaints, crime scenes, commercial crime (inter-agency and commercial enterprise data sharing), audit tracking, and regulatory investigations.

WorkwareOne Mobile is an open platform, customer-crafted solution so that investigators may capture witness statements, easily create electronic case files, secure document evidence, identify suspects through link analysis and geospatial tools, integrate search of legacy data sources, manage the conduct of interviews and report on case progress, individually and organizationally wide, via mobile tablets and at fixed workstations. A highly agile solution that is browser-based and available via a secure Cloud or in a data center.

Request our Case Management and Mobile Investigation Support White Paper here.

Fusion Hub™ Incident Management & Collaboration Solutions

WorkwareOne Fusion Hub manages complex collaboration requirements for information sharing across multiple agencies comprising of meta-search, forms, alerts, escalation and response wizards for Fusion Center environments, operations centers, and global response teams.  Plug-in support for third-party analysis tools and application software.

Request our Fusion Hub Incident Management Collaborative Response White Paper here.

Media Analytics Solutions

We provide a powerful solution to dramatically enhance the entire video / CCTV management lifecycle including retrieval, analysis, indexing, search, and retirement. WorkwareOne Media transforms massive video collections into valuable, searchable information by extracting specific content and integrating the results into a resilient, open video collection management system.

Request our Video Analytics and Information Management Platform White Paper here.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Collection Management Solutions

WorkwareOne is a full feature bespoke collection support and case management system for OSINT operators and analysts.  Cloud-based, resilient data model, and able to scale from small footprint to massive data store.  Support for NATO and other tradecraft and practices. Available to Official agencies only.

UK Government Customers:

WorkwareOne Mobile and many of our solutions are available through the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud Framework CloudStore in conjunction with our partner, Sungard Availability Services.